Radio Show Elements – Lesson Five

Now that you have the basics for being a good communicator, it’s time to add some extra personality to your radio show. There are several ways to do this. Along with the five main ingredients you can spice up your radio show by adding these:

Public Service Announcements

These are announcements of special events that are happening in the community in which you live or a surrounding community. These can include announcements about special events in local parks, museums, pools, sports arenas, etc. All of these announcements should be of importance and relevance to your listening audience. For example, don’t announce a local country and western concert if you are working at a hard rock station. You can usually get an abundance of the announcements from local papers and flyers. You can also watch the local news to find out about events happening in your community.


These are little bits of information about an artist of a song, how the song was written, why the song was written, and so on. You can get all of this information off of the back of album covers, compact disc covers, and from magazines such as Rolling Stone, People, US etc.

News and Sports

You can use interesting tidbits that you read in the newspaper or tidbits that come over the news wire where you work. These don’t necessarily have to be funny, but make sure they are interesting and they relate to your audience.

Remember to make each bit of information short and to the point. No break should ever be longer than one minute. People don’t want to hear you talk. They want to hear the music. People will want to listen to you if you have something interesting to say. Don’t worry about being funny or adding humor at this point. I will explain how to incorporate humor into your radio show in just a few minutes.

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Bhasker Kottoor August 13, 2011 at 7:34 am

Oh! The Tips are Given in Lesson are Great , No words to Tell .Its Very Very Very Useful to Rj’s.

I don’t know who will respond for this Mail but Am requesting to them that , Please ” RJ ” ….
In a day 24/7 My thought is only tobeocme RJ. But how can i , what practice i need , what to do , how to become an excellent RJ.
Because ” Am Hard Worker ” , So please Make me an Exlnt RJ.


neelam sharma May 6, 2012 at 5:38 pm

i wnts to b a rj
i m so crzy abt it bt my prnts………
wo support nhi krte
wht shuld i do??


Krishna Prasad October 4, 2012 at 4:05 pm

I am an RJ, indeed a free launcher in FM Rainbow @ Coimbatore. The article was helpful, a professional ready reference guide :)


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