Want to Speak in Public? Here’s Some Useful Tips

Public Speakers! As we hear this term, we fear from it. We think that it is not possible for us to speak in public. Some people try their luck, but fail. Some just give up and go away. 

If you are one of them, there is no need to worry now. Just relax and get ready to claim your true potential, especially when it comes to public speaking.  

Avoid Panic & See Wonders Happening!  

One of the most common flaws of public speaking lies in hesitation. You must have noticed that most of the chances to speak in public lead to tightening of voice and eventually high-pitched squeak. Avoid this under all circumstances. In fact, as we speak in public, we tend to fear right from the very first moment. Now that is where the problem lies! 

Sometimes the level of hesitation goes so high that it makes a person want to jettison the entire exercise of public speaking. As a result, it is not surprising that an individual may tend to become mime or the idea may seem to be very attractive.

Do you feel nervous during public speaking?

At the first instance, it is helpful to be aware of how you breathe normally. Just take a chair and sit straight.

  • Put your one hand on the upper chest and the other on your belly 
  • Breathe normally and simply watch your breathe 

Watch Your Belly and Breathing

One of the most important parts of this exercise is to witness your belly going inside and outside. 

You’re doing well if your belly is moving out. But if only your chest is moving out, you need to change your breathing style. Always remember to avoid your belly suck in and chest moving out. In fact, that is how an average man breathes. If you are also one of them, it is better to change it as soon as possible to enjoy good health and robust voice. Changing it and moving your belly out while breathing will certainly make your body healthy along with your voice.

It may seem Simple, it’s Powerful!

Simple as it might seem, little exercises to control your breath can make your entire life joyful and active. As you breathe deeply, your physical and mental body gets a high dose of oxygen. As a result, you become more relaxed and positive in your everyday activities. 

And that’s where the key for effective public speaking lies!