How to Achieve Clear Articulation

You are obsessed with your subject of interest and carry a raging passion for it. Or you think that money can be made from that subject. Or maybe you are in need of recognition!

Whatever be your purpose, you must communicate clearly so that people must be able to understand what you say. For the purpose your physical speech is direly important. You must be in a position to satisfy them to the optimum.

Emphasize on Consonants and Vowels 

You may get surprised, however the fact is that intelligible and clear speech demands that you must speak the consonants and vowels clearly. In fact, it is the control over one’s breath that ensures clear pronunciation of these vowels. Carrying these vowels with confidence to the listeners is to cast an indelible effect on them. So, if you are keen on focusing on these three key elements of speech, consonants, vowels, and breathe, you are bound to captivate your listeners’ attention. Indeed, you can enjoy clear, succinct, and lucid presentations.

Some Noteworthy Points 

Crisp usage of consonants brings instant results. Well-articulated and crisp vowels always help to achieve great communication. To begin with, just read the below mentioned words as slowly as possible. Say each word properly but slowly. You must use your tongue properly and manipulate your lips perfectly. The point is that you must say the consonants clearly and concisely. Don’t mind even if you are exaggerating. You can have speak every syllable clearly.

Speak Aloud!


  • Accessible 
  • Definitely 
  • Wash
  • Washing
  • Residing 
  • Treatise
  • Non-Native

If you have completed the above exercise, speak the below mentioned sentence. Make sure to break the same into smaller segments. Say it at normal pace.

“Those non-native speakers residing in Washington were not lucky as the treatise on the Antarctic was not accessible to them.”


If you are running out of breath, you may try again. If not, you must be congratulated for that. 

Treat Vowels Seriously 

You must attend vowels keenly. As we are living in a fast paced world, we tend to treat the vowels in a lax manner. It must be avoided at any cost. As there is so much noise in this world, we are constantly bombarded with it thus forgetting our own words.

Breath is the Key!

Always imagine releasing of your breath on a steady, constant stream. Even when you are speaking, the stream of breath continues on a steady level. Always be gentle on thinking and connecting from one word to another.

Always avoid a sudden inhaling and exhaling of breath even using the words. If you do not use your breath properly, you lose a great deal of breath. Too frequent and shallow breath always harms your speech.